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On March 16, 2020, Alameda CountyContra Costa County and the City of Berkeley (along with Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Clara counties) issued legal orders directing residents to shelter at home for three weeks beginning at 12:01 AM on March 17. The order limits activity, travel, and business functions to only the most essential needs. The guidance comes after substantial input from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and best practices from other health officials around the world.

The order defines essential activities as necessary for the health and safety for individuals and their families, and includes “health care operations” and specifically states:  

  • For purposes of this Order, individuals may leave their residence to work for or obtain services at any “Healthcare Operations” including hospitals, clinics, dentists, pharmacies, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology companies, other healthcare facilities, healthcare suppliers, home healthcare services providers, mental health providers, or any related and/or ancillary healthcare services. “Healthcare Operations” also includes veterinary care and all healthcare services provided to animals. This exemption shall be construed broadly to avoid any impacts on the delivery of healthcare, broadly defined. “Healthcare Operations” does not include fitness and exercise gyms and similar facilities. 

Please review the CDC's "Interim Guidance for Healthcare Facilities: Preparing for Community Transmission of COVID-19 in the United States." In addition, medical practices that choose to stay open may want to adopt telemedicine as a way to provide patient care. For telemedicine resources and tips on quickly adapting to telemedicine use in your practice, please visit

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Disaster Loan Assistance for Small Businesses

Small businesses in Alameda and Contra Costa counties are eligible for disaster relief loans from the US Small Business Administration as a result of COVID-19:

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This document is intended to serve as an aid by providing a starting point for creating practice-specific guidance for personnel:

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COVID-19 Advocacy Issues

ACCMA coordinated with all Bay Area medical associations (representing 16,500 members) to send a letter to Governor Newsom on March 13, articulating what physicians need in order to help our communities 

ACCMA is continuously spporting CMA and AMA advocacy priorities, including telemedicine flexibility and OSHA standards, as stated in their recent letter to Governor Newsom