ACCMA District IX Delegation

The District IX Delegation is the body that represents ACCMA within the larger CMA House of Delegates (HOD). The delegation takes positions on CMA policy matters and reviews, comments, and offers amendments on CMA resolutions and reports. This process continues throughout the year leading up to the in-person HOD meeting each October to debate policy related to major issues confronting California physicians. The Delegation typically meets virtually four times per year as well as the in-person HOD meeting. If you are passionate about state and federal policy issues, contact the ACCMA to learn more and express your interest. 


Meet Your District IX Delegation

The ACCMA District IX Delegation is composed of 46 Delegates, 46 Alternate Delegates, and 3 CMA Board of Trustees. Some members represent ACCMA by serving on a different delegation.


  • Aileen Murphy 
  • Albert Brooks 
  • Alexander Kao 
  • Arthur Chen 
  • Christina Hopson 
  • Clifford Wong 
  • Donna Carey 
  • Edmon Soliman, Chair of the Delegation 
  • Eric Cain 
  • Eric Chen 
  • Frank Staggers Jr. 
  • Harshkumar Gohil 
  • Irene Lo 
  • Irina Kolomey 
  • James Hanson 
  • Jeffrey Poage 
  • Jonathan Savell 
  • Joy Foster 
  • Kiran Narsinh 
  • Kristen Lum 
  • Lisa Asta 
  • Mark Kogan 
  • Nimisha Mishra-Shukla 
  • Richard Rabens 
  • Robert Edelman 
  • Rollington Ferguson 
  • Shakir Hyder 
  • Sijie Zheng 
  • Sonia Sutherland 
  • Stephen Post 
  • Steve Lee 
  • Steven Rosenthal 
  • Steven Una 
  • Suresh Sachdeva 
  • Terence Lin 
  • Thomas Powers 
  • Thomas Sugarman 
  • Zarah Iqbal 

Alternate Delegates

  • Amit Lamba 
  • Andy T.W. Chang 
  • Basil Besh 
  • Brenda Oiyemhonlan 
  • Chao Ho 
  • Chris Chen 
  • Colin Mansfield 
  • Daisy Maron 
  • Deepika Bindal 
  • Edward Cohen 
  • Eric Alexander 
  • Eugene Lowry 
  • Fumi Suzuki 
  • Gary Goldman 
  • Gautam Pareek 
  • Gautam Prasad 
  • Jeffrey Stuart 
  • Judith Stanton 
  • Jyothi Swaroop 
  • Kathleen Doo 
  • Kenneth Grullon 
  • Leena Mehandru 
  • Myngoc Nguyen 
  • Pauline Huynh 
  • Punam Kaushal 
  • Qaiser Niaz 
  • Renee Fogelberg 
  • Renee Wachtel 
  • Rohina Noronha 
  • Stacey Hunt 
  • Sundeep Nayak 
  • Warren Strudwick Jr. 
  • Wendy Wong 
  • Zahora Nicola Ally 

ACCMA Members on the CMA Board of Trustees

  • Katrina Peters 
  • Suparna Dutta 

ACCMA Members on Other Delegations

  • Ashley McClure, Young Physicians Section 
  • Ingrid Roseborough, Solo and Small Group Practice Forum 
  • Jacob Hoerter, Resident and Fellow Section 
  • Jeffrey Klingman, Very Large Group Practice Forum 
  • Katrina Saba, Very Large Group Practice Forum 
  • Lubna Hasanain, Ethnic Medical Organization Section 
  • Patricia CastaƱeda-Davis, Very Large Group Practice Forum 
  • Sara Kennedy, Medium Group Practice Forum 
  • Terry Hill, Administrative Medicine Practice Forum
  • Anne Foster, Academic Practice Forum
  • Kelley Meade, Academic Practice Forum
  • Brad Buchman, Academic Practice Forum
  • Samuel Santoro, Large Group Practice Forum
  • Samantha Malm, Large Group Practice Forum
  • Smita Rouillard, Very Large Group Practice Forum
  • Bret Andrews, Very Large Group Practice Forum
  • Jay Garg, Very Large Group Practice Forum
  • Elaine Ong, Very Large Group Practice Forum
  • Nathaniel Kralik, Resident Fellow Section


Become a Delegate

What is CMA's HOD?

The House of Delegates convenes annually to debate and act on resolutions and reports dealing with myriad medical practice, public health, and CMA governance issues. Policies adopted by the House are implemented by the CMA Board of Trustees, which also deals with the many interim policy issues that arise between annual sessions. 

The House of Delegates consists of more than 400 delegates elected by members of component medical societies, specialty societies, CMA sections (Organized Medical Staff Section, Young Physicians Section, Ethnic Medical Organization Section, Medical Student Section, the Resident and Fellows Section) and CMA mode of practice forums. Submitting resolutions to the House of Delegates is the most direct way for members to influence CMA's advocacy agenda. 

Vacant Positions

Are you interested in a mix of local and state issues related to the practice of medicine, are you looking for opportunities to network with other physicians throughout the state, and do you have an interest in exploring a leadership position within ACCMA or CMA?

Interested candidates can contact Mr. David Lopez. ACCMA Director of Advocacy and Governance, at