Ways to Get Involved

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Through ACCMA and CMA, physicians lead and improve the practice of medicine to better patients’ lives and the community’s health. The most important way you can get involved is by being a member: your membership dues enable us to fight for you, the issues you care about, and create a healthy practice environment for you and your patients. Simply put, without your membership, we would not exist.

Beyond membership, there are a wide range of opportunities for members to get involved in supporting our work, from simply staying informed about what's going on in medicine to serving on a committee or board, from meeting with elected officials to becoming CMA President, and many things in between. We invite you to join us!

Join an upcoming meeting


Get Involved in Advocacy

Meet with Your Elected Representatives

Throughout the year, ACCMA arranges local in-district meetings with elected representatives in the State Legislature, U.S. Congress, and County Board of Supervisors. By joining the ACCMA Legislative Committee, you'll be on the list to meet with elected officials on pending legislation and interview candidates who are running for office. There is no attendance requirement; you can join for the meetings that interest you as your schedule allows. Click here to join the ACCMA Legislative Committee. 

Attend CMA Legislative Advocacy Day

Once a year (usually in April), dozens of ACCMA members join more than 400 physicians from around California for a trip to the State Capitol in Sacramento. The event includes keynote speakers – frequently the Governor – and we hold meetings with each of our East Bay legislators inside the Capitol. Check the ACCMA online event calendar for more information. 

Become a Seasoned Physician Advocate

The ACCMA offers an annual one-day advocacy training course for physicians to learn more about the legislative process and how to effectively influence the process. It includes opportunities to practice your advocacy skills through mock legislative meetings.

Serve as an Appointed Commissioner

For those with the time and interest to get more deeply involved in policymaking, consider applying to serve as an appointed commissioner at the local or state level. There are scores of health-care related commissions that would benefit tremendously from your knowledge and experience. If there is a commission you are interested in joining, the ACCMA can help support your nomination. Contact us if you would like to serve. 


Join a Committee or Board

ACCMA Committees

ACCMA committees and interest groups develop many of the policies and programs that assist physicians and improve the quality of medical care in our community. It is a great starting point to get engaged, connect with colleagues, solve problems, and create solutions for the betterment of physicians and our patients. Click here to learn more about each ACCMA committee and interest groups. There is an annual call for nominations each fall, or you can submit an application here if you would like to join. Most committees/interest groups meet 2-3 times per year, either virtually or hybrid (in-person or virtual as members prefer).

CMA House of Delegates

If you are interested in state and federal policy issues, consider joining the ACCMA/District IX Delegation. The Delegation represents the ACCMA within the CMA House of Delegates, reviewing and debating policy resolutions throughout the year and attending the in-person HOD meeting each October to debate policy related to major issues confronting California physicians. The Delegation typically meets virtually four times per year as well as the in-person HOD meeting.

ACCMA Council

The Council serves as the elected governing body of the Association. Representatives are elected by their peers to establish the policies of the ACCMA, assume fiduciary responsibility for successful operations, and represent the profession of medicine in the local community and beyond. The ACCMA Council is comprised of the ACCMA Officers and elected Councilors from the various ACCMA districts. The Council meets in person four times per year (with a virtual option for those unable to attend in person. Click here for more information. 

CMA Councils & Committees

ACCMA nominates members to serve on CMA’s councils and subcommittees, which are advisory to the CMA Board of Trustees. Accordingly, CMA Councils and Subcommittees play a big role in shaping CMA policy, which in turn has a substantial bearing on health care policies at the state and federal levels. Councils and subcommittees typically meet 3-4 times per year virtually.

ACCMA Officers

Annually, ACCMA members elect the following officers to lead the organization for a one-year term: President, President-Elect, and Secretary Treasurer. These officers, in addition to the Immediate Past President and an appointed member of the Council (known as the Councilor-at-Large), comprise the ACCMA Executive Committee. Officers are traditionally drawn from current members of the Council.  

CMA Board of Trustees & Officers

The ACCMA elects two representatives to serve on the CMA Board of Trustees for three-year terms, and they may be reelected for a total of three terms. Although not a requirement, traditionally CMA trustees are elected from among the ACCMA Past Presidents or Current Officers. In addition, the CMA maintains seven officers that comprise its Executive Committee: President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President, Speaker of the House, Vice Speaker of the House, Chair of the Board, and Vice Chair of the Board. If you are interested in advancing to these positions, you are encouraged to contact the ACCMA Executive Director to learn more about the process.


Stay Informed


Stay connected to the ACCMA online through ACCMA.org, which includes access to current news, upcoming events, information and resources on a range of hot topics, membership benefits, access to our online learning center, a searchable directory of members, a listing of engagement opportunities, and much more.

ACCMA E-Newsletter

This monthly news brief includes brief summaries on key health policy matters, timely opportunities to advance policy issues and legislation, and opportunities to connect with other East Bay physicians. Members also receive a monthly newsletter featuring upcoming events and programs. Independent practice physicians receive a practice update newsletter, giving you access to practice tools and resources. All members automatically receive our e-newsletter. If you aren’t receiving it, please check your spam folder and mark accma@accma.org as a trusted email contact.

ACCMA Bulletin

The ACCMA Bulletin is the only print publication you will receive from us, delivered to your doorstep on a quarterly basis. It captures our recent activities, advocacy initiatives, upcoming events, and other major issues. If you are not currently receiving the ACCMA Bulletin but would like to, please contact us at accma@accma.org with your preferred mailing address.

Online CME Courses

Explore live and on demand educational courses on a wide range of timely topics, including practice management, physician wellness, public health, health equity and emerging clinical issues. Many programs are free for ACCMA members and most include CME credits. 


Keep up to date with state and federal issues, CMA programs, and membership benefits through the CMA website.

CMA Newswire

Stay up to date on critical issues affecting the practice of medicine in California by subscribing to the CMA Newswire, a biweekly newsletter. The CMA also regularly updates its Newsroom with relevant state updates and health care policy changes.


Prioritize Your Personal and Professional Development

Physician Leadership Program

This program allows physicians to build upon their clinical leadership experience by honing skills like communicating a vision, motivating colleagues, negotiating with payers, and collaborating across silos in order to build organizations, compete for resources, lead change, influence policy and overcome challenges. The Physician Leadership Program welcomes physicians from across the Bay Area each January, with applications opening the fall prior. The program uses a hybrid format, with in-person and virtual sessions. We hope you will join the next cohort of the Physician Leadership Program. Click here to learn more.

Confidential Counseling Services

The ACCMA Physician Wellness Program is sponsoring individual psychotherapy sessions. Physicians can meet one-on-one with therapists for up to four sessions at no charge. Both physicians and medical residents can take advantage of this ongoing program. Learn more here.

Peer Support

Members of the ACCMA Advisory Committee on Physician Wellbeing are available to provide immediate peer support at no cost. Call (510) 654-5383 or send an email to accma@accma.org to request this confidential service.

Online CME Courses

Explore live and on demand educational courses on a wide range of timely topics, including practice management, physician wellness, public health, health equity and emerging clinical issues. Many programs are free for ACCMA members and most include CME credits. 

Wellness Resource Library

ACCMA has compiled articles, websites, studies, and videos discussing physician burnout, techniques for combatting burnout, stress-reduction tactics, and general wellness information. In addition, the ACCMA continues to host live seminars and webinars concerning issues and topics surrounding physician wellness, litigation stress, and avoiding malpractice lawsuits available in our Learning Center


Support a Community Project

ACCMA Scholarship Program

The ACCMA provides financial support to local medical students to support community health research they are conducting. You can support this important work by making a donation. Click here to make a donation. 

Bay Area Physician Wellness Collaborative

This project aims to bring together medical group leaders, chief wellness officers, wellness committee chairs, and others who have been charged with “fixing the physician burnout problem” and providing them with expert guidance, tools and resources, a forum for sharing experiences and best practices, and a network of peers to support their work. Click here to learn more. 

East Bay Safe Prescribing Coalition

The East Bay Safe Prescribing Coalition is a collaborative effort by the East Bay medical community, consumers and community leaders to promote safe and appropriate prescribing practices and reduce prescription drug abuse in our community. There are opportunities to get involved by educating youth and community members, expanding access to medication assisted treatment and lifesaving resources like Naloxone, serving on community coalitions, and others. Click here for more information.  


Champion an Issue

Write an Op-ed

Consider sharing your perspective on health care policy issues with your colleagues by publishing an op-ed on the News page for our website. In addition to raising awareness and introducing some members to new ways of thinking, it can be a great way to identify supportive colleagues and stir debate within our membership. 

Get Support from Your Colleagues

If there is a health-care related issue that you believe the ACCMA, CMA or the AMA should be more focused on, consider presenting your views to an ACCMA Committee. If your colleagues agree, we can support you in advancing your issue. This may include developing a policy statement or resolution to guide local, state and federal advocacy efforts, the development of a CME program to increase awareness, or the development of a program or service to assist members. Our committees serve as our laboratories for innovation, so please contact the ACCMA with your ideas and we will get you plugged in.

Become a Media Spokesperson

During this three-part interactive virtual series, you will learn how to effectively communicate with compelling storytelling, advocate with a strong voice and proper messaging, and utilize social media properly to reach the intended audience. Each 2-hour session provides an interactive learning experience led by nationally recognized faculty using a dynamic online format. The series will give you skills to navigate radio, TV, and print interviews, message framing for op eds and letters to the editor, and self-publishing through social media. Reach out to Jenn Mullins, jmullins@accma.org, if you're interested.


How else would you like to engage?

What are we missing? We exist to meet the needs of our members and the patients you serve. If there is something you think we should be doing, please contact us. We want to hear your ideas and suggestions.