Patient Resources

Oakland BridgeThe Alameda-Contra Costa Medical Association (ACCMA) is a private non-profit professional association of physicians dedicated to maintaining quality medical care and good physician-patient relationships. In pursuit of this mission, the ACCMA provides some key services and information for patients. This section includes frequently asked questions and key information for patients.  You can also find a physician or register a complaint if your physician is an ACCMA member.

How do I find a physician who accepts new Medi-Cal patients?

If you are covered under traditional fee-for-service Medi-Cal, click here to access the ACCMA’s referral system and make sure the box “Accepting Medi-Cal Patients?” is checked. Please note – an increasing number of physicians no longer accept new Medi-cal patients. If no results are returned for the city or specialty you have indicated, try broadening your search terms.

If you are covered by Alameda Alliance for Health, call 510-747-4567 or 510-747-4500. If you are covered by Blue Cross Medi-Cal, call 800-227-3238.

How do I file a complaint against a physician?

The ACCMA maintains a mediation service to help resolve disputes between physicians and patients. To learn more about the ACCMA’s mediation services, including whether or not your complaint would be eligible, click here.

How do I access copies of my medical records?

Your medical records are the property of your physician. However, as a patient, you are legally entitled to copies of your medical records for a reasonable fee. To request copies of your medical records, contact your physician directly. Click here for more information from the Medical Board of California.

How do I get my medical records if my doctor moves away/retires/dies?

There is no central "repository" for medical records. If a physician moves, retires, or passes away, sometimes another physician will either "buy out" or take over his/her practice, including custody of records. Other times the physician (or physician’s estate) may retain the records themselves, or may utilize a commercial records management service. Patients should send a letter requesting copies of records to the physician's address of record for his or her license, which can be obtained by contacting the Medical Board at 1-800-633-2322 or Patients may also contact the ACCMA for information about the location of medical records. Click here for more information from the Medical Board of California.

How can I receive medical care if I do not have insurance?

Patients who do not have insurance coverage can pay for medical services out of pocket. To find a physician in your area, click here.

How can I receive medical care if I cannot afford to pay out of pocket?

There are a number of medical clinics located throughout the East Bay that provide medical care to low-income patients on a reduced-fee or no-fee basis. Patients can find information about these clinics through the following websites: 

How do I find a dentist for myself or my family?

The ACCMA is a professional association of physicians, and as such only maintains referral information for medical doctors (MDs) and doctors of osteopathy (DOs). To find a dentist in your area, contact the following organizations:

Alameda County Dental Society: 510-547-7188
Contra Costa Dental Society: 925-932-8662
Southern Alameda County Dental Society: 510-782-5442
Denti-Cal: 800-322-6384

Who can I contact with general questions about Medicare/Medi-Cal?

Patients who have questions about Medicare may call 800-841-1602. Patients who have questions about Medi-Cal may call 800-698-1118.

Want to learn more? Visit to learn more about Medicare options in California or view their Medicare and Medicaid Guide for Low-Income Recipients.