California Medical Association (CMA)
The California Medical Association (CMA), which represents 31,000 California physicians statewide, is dedicated to serving member physicians through a comprehensive program of legislative, legal, regulatory, economic and social advocacy. In today’s economic climate, physicians are being assailed from many directions. CMA's focus is to provide members with the necessary support, so that they can surpass the challenges and continue to run successful medical practices.  The ACCMA works hand-in-hand with the CMA to ensure members receive the assistance they need to focus on what matters most: caring for patients.

American Medical Association (AMA)
Since 1847 the American Medical Association (AMA) has had one mission: to promote the art and science of medicine and the betterment of public health. Today, the core strategy used to carry out this mission is our concerted effort to help doctors help patients. The AMA does this by uniting physicians nationwide to work on the most important professional and public health issues.

Alameda-Contra Costa Physicians Committee (ACCPAC)
The ACCMA formed ACCPAC in 1989 as its local political action committee. It provides contributions to support local candidates and issues that demonstrate that they share the values of the ACCMA leadership and Legislative Committee to stimulate and nurture improved relationships and understanding between the medical profession and local legislators. Its sole source of funds is from voluntary contributions from ACCMA members. To contribute to ACCPAC, click here or make a check for $25.00 or greater, payable to the Alameda-Contra Costa Physicians Committee, and mail it to the ACCMA: 6230 Claremont Avenue, Oakland, CA, 94618. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

California Medical Association Political Action Committee (CALPAC)
California Medical Association Political Action Committee supports candidates and legislators who understand and embrace medicine’s agenda. Health care in California is highly regulated and legislated. As government and the insurance industry continue their quest to control health care, physicians' clinical autonomy is in great jeopardy. CALPAC supports hundreds of candidates for state and federal office who share our philosophy and vision of the future of health care and medical practice.

American Medical Association Political Action Committee (AMPAC)
AMPAC is the bipartisan political action committee of the American Medical Association. AMPAC’s mission is to find and support candidates for Congressional offices, whether it is a new candidate for office who will make physicians and patients a top priority, or a candidate running for re-election who has proven to be a friend of medicine.

Medical Insurance Exchange of California (MIEC)
MIEC is the West's first physician-owned professional liability insurance company, formed in 1975 by ACCMA and five other Northern California county medical societies when malpractice insurance became unaffordable or unavailable to area doctors. More than a quarter of a century later, MIEC remains a reliable, financially secure source of malpractice insurance. It is rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company. Visit the MIEC website for more information.

Medical Underwriters of California (MUC)
The ACCMA established MUC as the attorney-in-fact for the ACCMA sponsored Medical Insurance Exchange of California (MIEC), the first doctor-owned professional liability carrier in the state. MUC's role is to ensure physician control of this insurance company. It has placed loss prevention education among its first priorities, setting a standard for the industry. Visit the MIEC website for more information.