ACCMA Committees

Oakland BridgeACCMA committees are the workshops of the association, and are responsible for developing many of the ACCMA's policies and programs that assist physicians and improve the quality of medical care in our community.  More than 300 ACCMA members currently serve on ACCMA committees.

The ACCMA encourages members to apply for one or more committees addressing an area of interest to you personally. Committee nominations are accepted in the fall each year for committee service in the following year.  Click here to complete the ACCMA Committee Nomination form for yourself or to nominate a colleague.

Advisory Committee on Physician Wellbeing

This is a confidential committee which provides a vital service by offering confidential assistance to physicians suffering from some type of physical or emotional impairment. Its members are experienced in intervention to assist people with chemical dependency problems, and also impairments created by stressful events such as malpractice lawsuits. The committee meets in the evenings, generally three to four times per year.


This committee serves as a clearinghouse of information and forum for discussion of bioethical issues. It is comprised mostly of committee chairs of hospital medical staff bioethics committees. The committee usually meets 2 times per year. A subcommittee of the Bioethics Committee, the Ad Hoc Committee on Physician Advocacy for Advance Care Planning, promotes physician involvement and engagement in the advance care planning conversation, including providing presentations to groups of health care professionals. This subcommittee meets 3-4 times per year.

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

This committee provides leadership, coordination and direction for relevant CME functions identified by ACCMA and/or its appropriate committees, including review the CME programs that are sponsored by ACCMA, ensuring adherence with ACCME guidelines, documentation, evaluation, and requirements, and providing feedback and guidance on CME programs, scientific content, and process issues.


This committee performs the important function of credentialing applicants for membership in the ACCMA. The committee meets once a month.


The Emergency Committee addresses issues pertaining to the delivery of  emergency medical care, pre-hospital transport systems, and disaster preparedness. It is comprised of physicians who have an interest in this area of medicine. One of the committee's chief activities is monitoring and participating in the activities of the Emergency Medical Services Districts of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, and has played an instrumental role in promoting improvements in those systems. The committee generally meets several times a year.

Information Technology

This committee develops recommendations for the ACCMA Council on providing guidance to the ACCMA membership about key issues/capabilities/standards that should be considered when purchasing a computer system. The committee also explores ways to further educate ACCMA members on the key issues to consider why purchasing a computer system.


The Judicial Council is established under rules established in the ACCMA Bylaws. Its function is to conduct disciplinary hearings and appeals processes pertaining to the membership of a current member or the acceptance or rejection of an applicant for membership. This committee meets infrequently.


The Legislative Committee conducts political action on behalf of the ACCMA.  Committee members are encouraged to participate in an annual all-day legislative program in Sacramento and participate in the CMA "Key Contact" system by developing a relationship with individual legislators and communicating organized medicine's concerns about specific legislative proposals as they arise.  The committee also evaluates candidates for local, state and federal offices representing this community and makes recommendations to the ACCMA's and CMA's political action committees.  The committee meets three or four times a year, but sometimes more frequently during an election year.

Medical Services and Quality of Care

This committee monitors and develops recommendations to improve the economic viability of medical practice on behalf of the membership.  It meets on call of the chairperson.


This committee, which is comprised of a representative from each Councilor District and other interested ACCMA members, considers membership recruitment ideas and other means of demonstrating the benefits of membership to members and non-members.

Mental Health

This committee addresses concerns of the medical community pertaining to mental/behavioral health services. The committee meets on the call of the chair.

Pediatric Health

The Pediatric Health committee deals with issues in pediatric medicine and perinatal care. It has monitored and made recommendations regarding numerous public health policies and programs affecting pediatric patients, such as immunization programs.

Physician Leadership

This committee serves as the steering committee for The Physician Leadership Program, identifies needs for leadership training and support among ACCMA members, and develops programs to promote physician leadership.

Physician Litigation Stress

This committee provides confidential information and support to physicians who are experiencing the stress and uncertainty of professional liability litigation or an investigation by a government agency.  The program is designed to educate the physician on what to expect during the litigation or investigatory process, how best to prepare themselves and how to deal with the stress which is commonly associated with these proceedings.

Click here to learn more about the Litigation Stress Program.

Professional Liability

The Professional Liability Committees are peer review committees which review claims of alleged professional liability to determine if the physician met community medical standards on behalf of individual members and for the ACCMA's sponsored doctor-owned professional liability insurance carrier - Medical Insurance Exchange of California (MIEC).  The committee is comprised of physicians in most medical specialties who are experienced in peer review. The committees meet usually about ten times per year, one on the first Tuesday and one on the third Tuesday of the month in the evening. Dinner is served at the meeting.

Public Health

This committee is charged with developing recommendations for the ACCMA Council's consideration which would: 1) enhance communications between ACCMA members and local public health agencies, and; 2) identify ways in which ACCMA members and local public health agencies can work cooperatively to address local public health issues.