ACCMA Committees

ACCMA committees and interest groups are responsible for developing many of the ACCMA's policies and programs that assist physicians and improve the quality of medical care in our community. Hundreds of ACCMA members currently serve on ACCMA committees - it's a great way to get engaged, connect with colleagues, solve problems, and create solutions for the betterment of the medical profession and the patients we serve.

Apply before December 1 to be appointed for a committee for the subsequent calendar year. To apply, click here. Committee and Interest Group nominations are accepted year-round. Contact the ACCMA with any questions at (510) 654-5383 or

Advisory Committee on Physician Wellbeing

This is a confidential committee that provides a vital service by offering confidential assistance to physicians suffering from some type of physical or emotional impairment. Its members are experienced in intervention to assist people with chemical dependency problems and other types of impairment. The Committee also houses the Subcommittee on Litigation Stress, which provides confidential information and support to physicians who are experiencing the stress and uncertainty of professional liability litigation or an investigation by a government agency.

Community Health

This committee monitors and develops recommendations related to the availability of and access to medical and behavioral health care in the East Bay, including issues related to public health, mental/behavioral health services, pediatric medicine, perinatal care, and the intersection of those issue in our local community.

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

This committee provides leadership, coordination, and direction for relevant CME functions identified by ACCMA and/or its appropriate committees, including review the CME programs that are sponsored by ACCMA, ensuring adherence with ACCME guidelines, documentation, evaluation, and requirements, and providing feedback and guidance on CME programs, scientific content, and process issues.


This committee performs the important function of credentialing applicants for membership in the ACCMA. Most duties are performed by the chairperson in coordination with ACCMA staff. The committee meets infrequently. The committee is composed of at least two members.

Health Equity

This committee serves to guide ACCMA advocacy priorities, programs, services, and activities related to health equity, the elimination of disparities, improving cultural competency, and educating physicians to reduce bias and racism — interpersonal, structural, and societal — in the delivery of care.


The Legislative Committee conducts political action on behalf of the ACCMA; meets with elected officials to advocate for legislation and policy changes; evaluates candidates for local, state and federal offices representing this community and makes recommendations to the ACCMA's and CMA's political action committees.

Medical Services, Technology and Quality of Care

This committee monitors and develops recommendations related to medical services, medical practice, emerging medical practice trends, the application of technology to medical practice, quality improvement, and to improve the economic viability of medical practice on behalf of the membership.

Membership and Engagement

This committee, which is comprised of a representative from each Councilor District and other interested ACCMA members, considers membership recruitment ideas and other means of demonstrating the benefits of membership to members and nonmembers; is charged with developing both internal and external communications strategy; and is responsible for reviewing articles submitted for publication in ACCMA Bulletin and establishing editorial policy governing ACCMA Bulletin, ACCMA Membership Directory and our website.

Physician Leadership

This committee serves as the steering committee for the Physician Leadership Program, identifies needs for leadership training and support among ACCMA members, and develops programs to promote physician leadership.

Interest Groups


The Emergency Interest Group addresses issues pertaining to the delivery of emergency medical care, pre-hospital transport systems, and disaster preparedness. It is comprised of physicians who have an interest in this area of medicine and the directors of local Emergency Departments.

Council-Appointed Committees


This committee is appointed by the ACCMA Council and is charged with reviewing the ACCMA bylaws at least every five years for the purposes of making recommendations for bylaws changes to the ACCMA membership.


This committee is charged with overseeing ACCMA finances and proposing an annual budget for adoption by the ACCMA Council.


The Judicial Council is appointed by the ACCMA Council and is established under rules in the ACCMA Bylaws. Its function is to conduct disciplinary hearings and appeals processes pertaining to the membership of a current member or the acceptance or rejection of an applicant for membership.