"Medical Care for All, Regardless"

Read about ACCMA’s quest during the years 1945-55 to embrace its mantra, “Medical Care for All, Regardless,” in a book published by the ACCMA in September 2021, written by former ACCMA Executive Director Donald Waters. In 1945 East Bay physician leaders embarked on a mission to improve access and quality of care, which garnered national acclaim for the organization. They sought to guarantee medical care and physician accountability to everyone; created the first medical fee schedule in California; created a group malpractice program embraced by medical societies throughout Northern California for more than 25 years; promoted centralization of emergency medical services under one agency; and stimulated blood donations through an innovative donation system. One lesson everyone will take away from this book is that physicians have the capacity to influence major challenges affecting our society when they collectively set their sights on doing so.

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