Physician Wellness

Are you passionate about physician wellness? Are you a leader in your health care organization working on preventing physician burnout?

The Bay Area Physician Wellness Collaborative aims to bring together medical group leaders, chief wellness officers, wellness committee chairs, and others who have been charged with “fixing the physician burnout problem” and providing them with expert guidance, tools and resources, a forum for sharing experiences and best practices, and a network of peers to support their work. Click here to learn more.

Looking for support?

ACCMA Physician Wellness Program is a collection of resources developed out of the recognition of the emotional and mental stress that caring for patients can have on physicians. Managing your stress and mental wellness is as important as managing your physical health. Taking care of yourself and encouraging others to practice self-care will sustain and extend your ability to care for your patients. Explore some of our many resources below.



The ACCMA also offers direct support for members through:

Individual Psychotherapy Sessions

The ACCMA Physician Wellness Program is sponsoring individual psychotherapy sessions. Individual physicians can meet with therapists for up to four sessions at no charge. Both physicians and medical residents can take advantage of this ongoing program.

Immediate Confidential Peer Support

Members of the ACCMA Advisory Committee on Physician Wellbeing are available to provide immediate peer support at no cost. Peer support can encompass moral and emotional support to physicians who are experiencing stress related to medical malpractice lawsuits or a medical board investigation, as well as support in relation to physician burnout. Call (510) 654-5383 or email‚Äč to request this confidential service. Please briefly describe the nature of your request and we will connect you with a member of the Advisory Committee.
The ACCMA upholds the value of privacy for our physician members; information shared via phone or email will remain confidential.