Legislative Advocacy

ACCMA and CMA are fighting every day for your practice and your patients. From ensuring that you receive fair payment from government and private insurance to professional liability protections under MICRA, from scope of practice issues to Medi-Cal/Medicare reimbursement rates, ACCMA works to uplift the voices of Bay Area physicians.


Current Legislation

House of Representatives Bills

 H.R. 2474 (Ruiz (D-CA), Bucshon (R-Ind.), Bera (D-CA), and Miller-Meeks (R-Iowa)) – The Strengthening Medicare for Patients and Providers Act


H.R. 2474 would provide an annual, automatic update to the MPFS based on the MEI. The legislation also replaces the differential conversion factors for MIPS (e.g., 0.25%) and APM (0.75%) participants that are set to begin in 2026 with the MEI inflationary update. H.R. 2474 would provide an annual, automatic update to the MPFS based on the MEI. The legislation also replaces the differential conversion factors for MIPS (e.g., 0.25%) and APM (0.75%) participants that are set to begin in 2026 with the MEI inflationary update.



H.R. 6371 (Murphy (R-N.C) and 14 Original Cosponsors) – The Provider Reimbursement Stability Act

H.R. 6371 would reform MPFS budget neutrality policies by: (1) requiring CMS to reconcile inaccurate utilization projections based on actual claims and prospectively revise the CF accordingly; (2) raise the threshold that triggers a budget neutrality adjustment from $20 million to $53 million and increase it every five years by the cumulative increase in the MEI; (3) require the direct inputs for practice expense relative value unit (i.e., clinical wages, prices of medical supplies and prices of equipment) to be reviewed concurrently and no less often than every five years and (4) require CMS to limit positive or negative budget neutrality adjustments to the CF to 2.5% each year. 



H.R. 5013/S. 3503 (LaHood (R-Ill.), DelBene (D-Wash), Whitehouse (D-RI) and Barrasso (R-Wyo.)), - The Value in Health Care (VALUE) Act

H.R. 5013/S, 3503 would extend the 5% APM bonus and maintain the 50% revenue threshold for two years.



H.R. 6683 (Murphy (R-N.C.), Davis (D-Ill.), Wenstrup (R-Ohio), Burgess (R-Texas), Panetta (D-CA), and Bucshon (R-Ind.) – The Preserving Seniors’ Access to Physicians Act

H.R. 6683 would provide full, short-term relief from the 3.4 % cut imposed in 2024 due to the budget neutrality policies medicine is seeking to reform.

California Senate & State Assembly Bills

 SB 516 (Skinner) - Prior Authorization Reform - CMA Sponsored Bill

This bill would reform the prior authorization process to address the administrative burden and delay of care caused by the current process. The bill would remove unnecessary prior authorizations, streamline and modernize the process for submitting and appealing a prior authorization request, provide transparency and data on health plan actions, and require a physician of the same of similar specialty to conduct appeals of a prior authorization denial.

 Status: Referred to Assembly Public Safety Cmte.


 AB 815 (Wood) - Provider Credentialing - CMA Sponsored Bill

This bill would help to standardize and streamline the credentialing process without placing additional burdens on providers and other stakeholders.

 Status: 2-year bill


 AB 977 (Rodriguez) - Emergency Departments: Assault & Battery - CMA Sponsored Bill

This bill would make the punishment for an assault or battery committed against a physician, nurse, or other healthcare worker of a hospital engaged in providing services within the emergency department consistent with the penalty of any other assault or battery.

 Status: Referred to Assembly Public Safety Cmte.


 AB 2164 (Berman) - Medical Practice Act: Renewal of Licenses - CMA Sponsored Bill

This bill would reform the MBC license application questionnaire by removing questions related to an applicant’s mental health. The goal of removing these questions is to allow physicians to access mental health care without concerns of jeopardizing their license.

 Status: Do pass and re-refer to Com. on APPR. with recommendation: To Consent Calendar.


 SB 963 (Ashby) - Health Facilities: Human Trafficking - CMA Sponsored Bill

This bill would require all general acute care hospitals with an emergency department to make a self-identifying human trafficking system available to patients at the emergency department.

 Status: Referred to Assembly Public Safety Cmte.


 SB 1120 (Becker) - Physicians Make Decisions Act - CMA Sponsored Bill

This bill would ensure physician oversight when Artificial Intelligence is used for utilization review.

 Status: Referred to Appropriations Suspense File


 AB 2200 (Kalra) – Guaranteed Health Care for All - CMA Oppose Unless Amended

This bill lays out a set of values, ideals and principles the state would use to develop and operate a single, state-run health care program. However, unlike with previous efforts, AB 2200 does not contain and is not partnered with a proposed financing plan and structure the Legislature may base these policy principles on. Unlike the federal government which may carry debt and finance a program of this magnitude with some uncertainties, California must pass a balanced budget which could create a situation where CalCare could face uncertain financing in tough deficit years like this one. Given the volatility of California’s tax revenue from year to year, a single-payer program could default to a system that it is unable to deliver on its promises of quality, comprehensive care for all Californians.

 Status: Re-referred to Appropriations Committee


 AB 2526 (Gipson) – General Anesthesia or Deep Sedation - CMA Oppose Unless Amended

This bill would allow nurse anesthetists to order and prescribe anesthesia in a dental office. CMA is seeking amendments to remove all independent prescribing language relating to nurse anesthetist’ in dental offices.

 Status: Referred to Appropriations Suspense File


 SB 996 (Wilk) – Comprehensive Sexual Health Education and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Prevention Education - CMA Oppose

This bill would require school boards to adopt policy at a public hearing on how parents can inspect the comprehensive sexual health curriculum. This would include each school posting the materials to their respective websites and to the parent portals, if applicable.

 Status: Referred to Suspense File


 SB 1131 (Gonzalez) – Medi-Cal Providers - CMA Oppose Unless Amended

This bill would allow physician assistants to bill Medi-Cal separately for independent services authorized by the practice agreement. CMA is seeking amendments to remove the section that would allow Physician Assistants to bill independently through Medi-Cal.

 Status: Referred to Suspense File

CMA/ACCMA Top Issues

The California Medical Association (CMA) is distinguished by its legislative, legal and regulatory advocacy on behalf of the physicians and patients of California. Click here to explore CMA's top priorities and initiatives. Below you will find additional Top Issues: 


Understanding the Legislative Process

Important Documents About the CA State Legislature

2023 Legislative Calendar and Deadlines

Standing Committees 

Glossary of Key Terms 

Understanding the Legislative Process & Relationship Building

Take a deeper dive into the legislative process, how a bill really becomes a law, how you can affect the outcome, and understand how to develop relationships with individual legislators. To access ACCMA's free program, please click here.


How to Interact with Your Legislator

Conducting the Meetings: Dos & Don'ts

Learn how to conduct a meeting with legislators: how to prepare, what to bring with you, how to navigate last-minute changes, and following up. To listen to ACCMA's podcast, please click here.

Hosting a Fundraiser

Whether you are hosting a fundraiser for an elected legislator or a candidate, there are a few steps to consider in the process to ensure your event is as effective as possible. Consider these preliminary steps below as you start, don’t hesitate to contact CMA’s Political Operations team with further questions. For a checklist, please click here


Meet Your Legislators

Elected Officials

Throughout the year, ACCMA will send members alerts about bills that are considered in the State Legislature, U.S. Congress, and County Board of Supervisors. Making a quick call, sending a short email, or tweeting your elected officials helps show our strength and get our message across. Click here to find contact information and to learn more about your local, state, and federal representatives. 

What to Expect for Next Election

The next election cycle will be in 2024. There will be several legislators completing their term which will leave vacancies for the 2024 election. Please find a list of key races for 2024 by clicking here.


How to Get Involved

Key Legislative Contacts Program

  • Advocate on behalf of the physician community and your patients by offering your expertise and experience. Work with us and CMA’s grassroots advocacy team to build personal relationships with your legislators. We would like to identify a few physicians who are willing to build relationships with their legislator, be first point of contact when we need to reach out to their legislator, be invited to attend potential fundraising events, and potentially host a fundraiser. If you are interested in participating in the Key Legislative Contacts Program, please contact us

  • The ACCMA offers an annual one-day advocacy training course for physicians to learn more about the legislative process and how to effectively influence the process. It includes opportunities to practice your advocacy skills through mock legislative meetings. For more information about the next training, please contact us.  

Contact Your Legislator

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Donate to ACCPAC

The most effective way to achieve favorable policy outcomes is to elect candidates who share our perspective on health care issues. By donating to CALPAC (at the state level) and ACCPAC (at the local level), you can help provide financial support to physician-friendly candidates whose views are aligned with ACCMA and CMA policy positions. These PACs are nonpartisan. Click here to contribute.  

Join the Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee conducts political action on behalf of the ACCMA; meets with elected officials to advocate for legislation and policy changes; evaluates candidates for local, state and federal offices representing this community and makes recommendations to the ACCMA's and CMA's political action committees. To apply, click here. Committee nominations are accepted year-round. Contact the ACCMA with any questions at (510) 654-5383 or accma@accma.org.  

Attend Legislative Advocacy Day

Once a year (usually in April), dozens of ACCMA members join more than 400 physicians from around California for a trip to the State Capitol in Sacramento. The event includes keynote speakers – frequently the Governor – and we hold meetings with each of our East Bay legislators inside the Capitol. Check the ACCMA online event calendar for more information. 

Serve as an Appointed Commissioner

For those with the time and interest to get more deeply involved in policymaking, consider applying to serve as an appointed commissioner at the local or state level. There are scores of health-care related commissions that would benefit tremendously from your knowledge and experience. If there is a commission you are interested in joining, the ACCMA can help support your nomination. Contact us if you would like to serve. To view a list of potential County boards, committees, commissions, please click here