Request Assistance

Oakland BridgeThe ACCMA assists members with a wide range of issues encountered in medical practice, including: 

  • Payment disputes and unfair treatment by health plans, government agencies, and others
  • Proper reimbursement for your medical services
  • Unfair treatment by hospitals
  • Medicare enrollment and other confusing regulatory requirements
  • Providing information on a broad range of legal issues like HIPAA, informed consent, scope of practice, etc.

Physicians are encouraged to contact the ACCMA by calling 510-654-5383 to request assistance with any issues you encounter.  The ACCMA has a number of resources, tools and services to assist you.

IMPORTANT: The ACCMA routinely assists members with insurance claims and other information containing protected health information (PHI). Recent changes in HIPAA require the ACCMA and CMA to execute "business associate" agreements when PHI is received. Consequently, if you are transmitting information with PHI, we ask that you sign the ACCMA Business Associates Agreement and the CMA Business Associates Agreement and return them to the ACCMA via FAX (510-654-8959) or by mail (ACCMA, 6230 Claremont Avenue, Oakland, CA). Please retain a copy for your records before returning these documents to the ACCMA.