Getting Started in Telemedicine Series

Telehealth services are expanding rapidly during the COVID-19 crisis. In partnership with Bay Area medical associations, the ACCMA teamed up with experts to develop a comprehensive webinar series to help physicians swiftly ramp up their telemedicine capabilities, from technology to practice implementation to coding. Experts discuss choosing a telemedicine platform; compliance; privacy and security considerations; billing and payment; policies, procedures, and workflow; informing your patients; and malpractice. Physicians who have experience practicing telemedicine share their practical reflections.

These on-demand webinars are available for FREE to all physicians. We would like to thank VSee, Global Health Impact Network, and the InnovatorMD Conference for donating their expertise and technical support to make this series possible. 

On-Demand Sessions

Telemedicine 101: Getting Started

Get practical tips on choosing a technology platform that is right for your practice. Learn about how the right telehealth technology can save you and your staff valuable time in set up, onboarding, and patient flow. Set the right expectations about what telehealth can and cannot do. Find out best practices for launching your telehealth service fast. 

Presenter: Milton Chen, MD, cofounder and CEO of VSee 

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Telemedicine and Malpractice Considerations

Participants in this webinar will learn the risk management basics of medical practice using telehealth. From the simple telephone, to sophisticated EHR-embedded applications, this mode of practice is becoming increasingly ubiquitous, particularly during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Presenter: David Feldman, MD, MAB, CPE, FAAPL, FACS, Chief Medical Officer of The Doctors Company

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Telemedicine Reimbursement

Anjali and Mary Jean will present on the changing landscape of telemedicine reimbursement: what it was in the past, where it is now during the National Emergency, and probable future outcomes based on their experience and insight. Additionally, they will provide practical guidance on coding to avoid fraud and abuse issues to avoid post-pandemic audits and investigations.


Anjali Dooley, Managing Partner of Law Office of Anjali B. Dooley, LLC  
Mary Jean Sage, The Sage Associates 

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Patient-Centered Care Through Telemedicine

Telemedicine is the new normal for patient care through the COVID-19 Emergency. This webinar will focus on using telemedicine to enhance patient-centered care, including exploring new and upcoming technology solutions that will help support physicians in providing optimal person-centered care to patients.

Presenter: Michael Harbour, MD, MPH, FACP, Chief Medical Officer at ConnectWell

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Legal Considerations of Telemedicine

With the COVID-19 Emergency requiring physicians to adopt telehealth and position more of their staff to work from home, important patient privacy and security risks emerge. This webinar will address those issues, along with practical tips for compliance.


David Ginsberg, co-founder and president of PrivaPlan Associates, Inc. 
Allen Briskin, Senior Counsel, Pillbury Winthrop Saw Pittman LLP 

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Panel Discussion: Telemedicine in Practice

Join a panel discussion with three physicians who successfully transitioned to using Telemedicine in their practices.


Marc Dean, MD 
Uli K. Chettipally, MD 
Richard Thorp, MD

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