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Updated Training Requirements for Prescribing Controlled Substances

The Omnibus Bill, passed by Congress in December 2022, changed requirements for prescribing controlled substances under the Medication Access and Training Expansion (MATE) Act.

The MATE Act eliminated the x-waiver requirement, and now requires all prescribers of schedule II-V controlled substances to complete a total of 8 hours of training on treating opioid use (OUD) and substance use disorders (SUD). Currently, many physicians hold prior eligibility and do not need to complete an additional 8 hours of training. If you satisfy ANY of the requisites listed below, you are eligible and are only responsible for reporting your eligibility. 

Eligible (no need for additional training):

  1. You are a board-certified physician in addiction medicine or addiction psychiatry from :
    1. the American Board of Medical Specialties 
    2. the American Board of Addiction Medicine 
    3. the American Osteopathic Association. 
  2. You have completed X-waiver training AT ANY POINT in your medical career
  3. You have completed the one-time 12-hour CME training on pain management and the treatment of terminally ill and dying patients which included 8 hours of training on buprenorphine or other opioid replacement treatments
  4. You completed at least 8 hours of training**, within* or outside of Medical School, on:
    1. Treating and managing patients with OUD or SUD 
    2. Safe pharmacological management of dental pain and screening, intervention, and treatment referral for OUD and SUD  

Not Eligible (need to complete 8 hours of training): 

  1. You graduated from medical school prior to June 27, 2018, and HAVE NOT completed 8 hours of training on: 
    1. Treating and managing patients with OUD or SUD 
    2. Safe pharmacological management of dental pain and screening, intervention, and treatment referral for OUD and SUD  
  2. You have not registered with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to prescribe schedule II-V controlled substances. Register with the DEA to prescribe controlled substances here.  

Get Trained 
Free, self-paced training: 

Reporting Eligibility: All physicians must record their eligibility during their DEA license renewal (every 3 years) or during their initial application to prescribe controlled substances. You will not need to submit documentation of completed training. Eligibility is based on honest self-reporting from prescribing physicians.  

Important Note: June 27th, 2023, is when the MATE Act will take effect and is not a deadline for registration with the DEA. You will only be able to report your eligibility to the DEA after June 27th. Keep in mind, the renewal date for DEA registration is unique to each provider and is due 3 years after initial registration. All physicians who wish to prescribe schedule II – V controlled substance must report their eligibility during their registration renewal or upon initial registration. 

Additional resources: 

*  Must have graduated after June 27th, 2018, for OUD and SUD medical courses to be eligible 
**Trainings must be given by an accredited ACCME source or one of these qualified institutions