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Take Action Against the Physician Price Fixing Bill

AB 3087, a harmful government intrusion into the health care market, was passed by the California Assembly Health Committee on April 24 and is now before the Appropriations Committee. The bill would limit access to health care providers, create state-sanctioned rationing, and increase out-of-pocket costs for patients. According to a survey by the California Medical Association (CMA), 57 percent of the physician respondents believed that AB 3087 would force them to leave California to practice elsewhere, and another 39 percent believed that it would force them into early retirement. The California Hospital Association (CHA) estimates that under the bill, approximately 60% of the state's hospitals may lose money (at least $18 billion annually in revenues) and an estimated 175,000 healthcare workers could lose their jobs. To take action against this bill, go to actnow.io/PriceFixing. To join our fight to keep physician focus on patient care and reimbursement rates that cover the actual cost of care, become a member of the ACCMA/CMA: www.accma.org/join.