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CMA Seeks to Ease Transition to CURES Mandate

The California Medical Association (CMA) is asking the California Department of Justice to help ensure a smooth implementation of the new CURES requirement. Effective October 2, 2018, physicians must consult CURES, California's prescription drug-monitoring database, prior to prescribing Schedule II, III or IV controlled substances to a patient for the first time and at least once every four months thereafter if the substance remains part of the patient's treatment. CMA is suggesting the development of educational materials, user outreach and assistance, and the establishment of a provider workgroup to ensure clinician input into the creation of these tools and resources. The Medical Board of California has posted information on what physicians can do to prepare for this mandate. Please see the ACCMA's CURES resource page for more information. For assistance, contact the ACCMA at (510) 654-5383 or accma@accma.org.