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ACCMA Nominating Committee Report

The ACCMA Nominating Committee is pleased to announce its nominees (see PDF) to fill positions of ACCMA Officers, ACCMA Councilors, CMA Trustees, and AMA Delegates that are up for election this year. In accordance with the ACCMA Bylaws, the Nominating Committee is appointed annually by the ACCMA Council and comprised of a representative of each ACCMA Councilor District. 

In addition, the ACCMA Bylaws also provide that any Active ACCMA member may submit additional nominees, which would then trigger a contested election (by mail ballot in September) between that additional nominee and the person nominated by the Nominating Committee. Should you wish to make an additional nomination, you may do so on the form included on the last page of the Nominating Committee report. Nominations are due to the ACCMA by September 4, 2018. See eligibility requirements on the nomination form.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Jan Jackovic, ACCMA Director of Operations, at 510-654-5383 or jjackovic@accma.org.