President's Page: The Times They Are A-Changin'

By Edmon Soliman, MD, FACP
ACCMA President

You might have noticed that this issue of the ACCMA Bulletin looks a little different. Members are busier than ever and need concise and easily digestible information, so the ACCMA Council has directed our staff to make the ACCMA Bulletin more like, well, a bulletin. You can expect a high-level overview of the most important issues that ACCMA and CMA are focused on and how they affect you, delivered to your mailbox on a quarterly basis. If something catches your eye, scan the QR code on page 2 to find a more detailed article on our website.

As part of our efforts to revitalize our communications, we are updating our website and utilizing a new email platform that will provide higher quality content to you on a less frequent basis. Members will receive a monthly e-newsletter and a monthly listing of upcoming events. Additionally, independent practice physicians will receive a biweekly newsletter focused solely on practice management news.

In bittersweet news, the ACCMA will be moving our offices on October 1st after over 60 years in our current location. Our current building in Oakland once housed the Blood Bank of the ACCMA, and the American Red Cross took ownership of the building in 1997 when they assumed control of the blood bank. Red Cross recently decided to relocate the blood bank to San Leandro and sell the building. Our need for physical space has diminished significantly and the state of the current building in Oakland leaves much to be desired. Our staff was able to negotiate favorable terms to vacate our current space and secured a new office space about 10 minutes away in Lafayette.

While many things are changing, some things remain steadfast. ACCMA and CMA exist to organize and empower physicians to lead and improve the practice of medicine for the betterment of your patients and our community. Year after year, the issues, the way we communicate with our members, and the spaces where we do our work may change, but we will always be here to serve you, our members, and to support your ability to provide exceptional care to your patients.