Environmental Sustainability Attracts the Brightest Young Minds in Medicine

My Green Doctor is a free money-saving membership benefit for ACCMA physician members. Members use the “Meeting-by-Meeting Guide” to learn how to adopt environmental sustainability in their practice, save resources, and help create healthier communities. The program adds just five minutes to each regular office staff meeting, making small changes at each meeting that over time really add up. Everyone in your practice can register as Partner Society members at or at (si, en Espanol). Use the discount code MGDACCMA to save money instantly, $1000s in the first year, and get full free access to My Green Doctor. Register today and watch the “Three Minute Video” that explains how easy it is to add My Green Doctor to your next agenda.

My Green DoctorAttracting the best young professionals to your practice is essential for your long term success. It is not enough anymore simply to offer a high salary and a reasonable work schedule. This month, the ACCMA’s My Green Doctor explains this in a three-minute blog, “I’ll Be Joining an Environmentally Friendly Practice.”

These days, talented, community-minded doctors, nurses, and office specialists look at the value commitments of the practices they join. This is where having an environmental sustainability program can provide the competitive advantage that you need in a crowded recruitment market.