Aid to Victims of Ukraine: How You Can Help

There is an urgent need for humanitarian and medical aid for the people of Ukraine. If you are considering making a financial contribution, the ACCMA is recommending that members consider donating to the following organizations providing medical aid to the victims of Ukraine: 

Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) is currently working to get staff and equipment into areas most affected by the conflict, preparing medical kits for rapid dispatch, and assessing the needs of Ukrainian refugees in Poland and other surrounding countries. Read more about MSF current efforts in Ukraine. Make a financial contribution to MSF’s efforts in Ukraine and around the world. 

Nova Ukraine, a Palo Alto-based non-profit organization, is actively on the ground in Ukraine providing emergency resources to both refugees and those that remain in their communities. ACCMA’s review of their most recent publicly available tax filing shows that nearly 100% of the contributions fund work happening on the ground in Ukraine. Make a financial contribution to Nova Ukraine’s efforts. 

Personal Appeal from Doctor Irina Kolomey 

The events taking place in Ukraine are unthinkable. I’m a local Internal Medicine physician and a member of the ACCMA Council. I’m also from Kharkiv, Ukraine. My husband is from Odessa, Ukraine. As I watched the destruction of my city, the only feeling I could put into words was “helpless.” This is a picture of Kharkiv’s Freedom Square, one of the largest squares in Europe, that I took in 2019, when we traveled to Ukraine with our 3 kids, to show them their roots.  

This is Freedom Square 2 days ago. It’s devastating. The humanitarian crisis is difficult to fathom.  

I am urging everyone I can reach to provide support to the organizations responding to this crisis. The focus of this response now is obtaining medical supplies, hospital supplies and support for those displaced. Thank you for your attention. 

Irina Kolomey, DO 
(619) 944-1087