ACCMA Urges Dept. of Education to Extend PSLF to All California Physicians

Recently, the US Department of Education released draft regulations to reform the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program. The language in the draft regulations attempts to solve the problem of requiring “direct employment” in California and Texas by instead requiring that physicians “contract with” private non-profit hospitals “to provide payroll or similar services” to receive loan forgiveness. While well-intended, the proposed regulation still excludes California and Texas physicians because they do not contract with hospitals to provide payroll services.  Moreover, many physicians in these states do not practice in nonprofit hospitals with a contract and would still be ineligible regardless of whether the contract must be for payroll services.

Read the ACCMA’s letter to Secretary Cardona, urging the Department of Education to provide California and Texas physicians with equal opportunity to loan forgiveness programs.