ACCMA Mini-Grants: Promoting Physician Camaraderie & Wellness

Following the emotional and physical toll that COVID-19 took on the healthcare community, the ACCMA recognizes that our members are eager for opportunities to socialize, de-stress, and connect with fellow physicians. In an effort to promote physician wellness, prevent burnout, and aid in the creation of these social events, the ACCMA is offering mini grants of up to $500 to ACCMA members to help fund self-organized events and activities around shared interests that would be open to other ACCMA members.

Such events may include: 

  • Small group lunch or dinner at a local restaurant  
  • Book club/reading group in a members’ home 
  • Cooking class in a members’ home 
  • Sports groups (e.g. tennis, golf, running, cycling, swimming, etc.) 
  • Artistic performances (play, symphony, etc.) 
  • Happy hours at a local bar or restaurant 
  • Hikes 
  • Barbeques and picnics 
  • Museums 
  • Amusement parks, water parks 

Applications for grant consideration will be accepted on a rolling basis. If you haven't heard back from the ACCMA on your grant application within two weeks of submittal, please contact Christine Maki at

Criteria for Selection:
1. Applicant is an ACCMA member 
2. Event or activity is designed to bring physicians together from difference practice settings and promote physician fellowship around a shared interest or experience
3. Event or activity is local (in either Alameda or Contra Costa County)
4. Event or activity has not yet occurred (i,e, funding cannot be applied retroactively)
5. Applicant may not personally earn money or otherwise gain financially from the event or activity; fees may only be charged to cover/reimburse costs that may not be covered by the mini-grant (e.g. tickets for admission)   
6. Within reason, event or activity must be open to all ACCMA members to participate, and their families if appropriate, and applicant must provide logistical information to the ACCMA that can be marketed to members 

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