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Anti-MICRA Initiative Prop. 46 Defeated


MICRA News & Updates

Medical Liability Claim Frequency

AMA Support for Federal Medical Tort-Reform Bill

Court Ruling on Future Damages Under MICRA

CMA Receives Profile of Excellence Award for Prop. 46 Campaign

Prop. 46 Soundly Defeated

Today is the last day to request a lawn sign!

No on 46 Lawn Signs and Labcoat Cards Still Available – Request Yours Today

Recent Poll Numbers Highlight Our Central Challenge: Getting Our Message Out

Help Us Defeat Prop. 46 through Facebook!

Los Angeles Times Opposes Prop. 46 as "Flawed"

Every Major Newspaper in California is Opposing Prop 46

Vote Early: Absentee Ballots are in the Mail

No on Prop 46 Lawn Signs Available – Request Yours Today

Trial Lawyers to Attack Physicians in Bay Area 'Yes' on 46 Ads

S.F. Chronicle Takes the Position of "No" on 46

Recent Prop. 46 Field Poll Numbers Released

Bay Area Newspapers Oppose Prop. 46

Coalition Opposing Prop. 46 Continues to Grow

Release of Early Prop. 46 Field Poll Numbers

"No on 46" TV and Radio Ads are Running Statewide

Los Angeles County Democratic Party Comes Out in Opposition to Prop. 46

First "No On 46" Campaign Video Released

California Democratic Party to Remain Neutral on Prop. 46

CMA Files Brief to Protect MICRA in Court Challenge

Anti-MICRA Ballot Measure is Prop. 46

CMA Files Supreme Court Brief Defending MICRA's Constitutionality

No on 46 Coalition Adds Teachers, Labor, NAACP and More

CMA Defends Constitutionality of MICRA

California School Board Association Joins Coalition to Protect MICRA

CMA Files an Amicus Brief in Case that Threatens to Circumvent MICRA

Coalition to Defeat MICRA Lawsuit Initiative Grows

MICRA Initiative Qualifies for November Ballot

Pledge Your Commitment to Protect MICRA

Labor Unions Join Opposition to MICRA Lawsuit Initiative

Report: CURES Provisions in MICRA Ballot Measure Cannot Be Implemented

Anti-MICRA Initiative Heads to November Ballot

Senate Pro Tem Introduces MICRA Legislation

More Hypocrisy from Consumer Watchdog

President Pro Tem Considering MICRA Legislation

MICRA Brochures Now Available in Spanish

CMA to Host MICRA Webinar - February 13

Save the Date: Legislative Day

ACCMA Membership Renewal Reminder

SF Chronicle Op-Ed on MICRA

MICRA Update: Time for Saber Rattling is Over

ACCMA to Host MICRA Town Hall

New MICRA Brochures Available for Your Patients

MICRA Coalition Hires Political Veteran for Campaign Manager

Court Confirms Constitutionality of MICRA

MICRA Update: Trial Attorneys Re-File Anti-MICRA Ballot Initiative

MICRA Update: Public Trust in Physicians an Asset in the Coming Fight

Appeals Court Affirms MICRA's Cap on Non-economic Damages

Sacramento Bee Publishes CMA Op-Ed on MICRA

Trial Lawyers File Ballot Initiative Attacking MICRA

Trial Lawyers Attacking MICRA Again

CMA Files Amicus Brief in MICRA Constitutionality Case

CMA Continues to Defend MICRA

Trial Lawyers Launch Assault on MICRA

Last Minute Attempts to Undermine MICRA Thwarted

Gov. Brown to Speak at CMA Legislative Day

Trial Attorneys Threaten to Challenge MICRA Again

Background on MICRA

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