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Medi-Cal News and Updates

Updated Payor Profiles Available

CBO Scores ACA Repeal

Lawsuit Alleges Lack of Health Care Access for Medi-Cal Patients

Revised Senate Bill Does Not Address Physician Concerns

CMA Joins Forces to Oppose Health Care Bill

AMA Support for Federal Medical Tort-Reform Bill

Court Rules on Medically Necessary Tests

MRN Decisions Through Noridian Medicare Portal

New Claims Process for CHDP Services Effective July 1

State Legislature Approves Partial Prop 56 Funding

New ABN Required on June 21

Prop 56 Funding Action Needed

CBO Scores the AHCA

Concerns with Planned Changes to Patient ID Cards

CMA Proposes Prop 56 Funding Plan

Name Change for Xerox State Healthcare

CMS Erroneously Sends Medicare Payment Adjustment Letters

Launch of New Online Medi-Cal Provider Enrollment Portal

Health Care–Related Ballot Measures Approved by Voters

Help for Physicians Attesting under Medi-Cal EHR Incentive Program

Deadline for Medi-Cal EHR Incentive Program

New Online Medi-Cal Provider Enrollment Portal Launch Planned for October 2016

Yes on 56/Save Lives California Message Training Webinar Now Available On-Demand

Provider Participation in Medi-Cal Does Not Keep Pace with Growth of Enrollment

Tobacco Tax Initiative Qualifies for Nov. 8 Ballot; Becomes Prop. 56

Medi-Cal to Reimburse Physicians for Advance Care Planning (ACP) Counseling

New Online Med-Cal Provider Enrollment Portal Launch Delayed

CMS Publishes 2015 Open Payment Data

Physicians Advised to Check Enrollment Status of Pregnant Patients Insured by Covered California

California Expands Full Medi-Cal Benefits to All Children, Regardless of Immigration Status

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