Sponsored Psychotherapy Sessions

As part of the ACCMA Clinician Wellness Program, ACCMA is sponsoring individual and small group psychotherapy sessions via Zoom for physicians who may benefit from support in this format. Individual physicians can meet with a therapist for up to four sessions and groups of three to eight physicians can meet for up to six sessions. Physicians and medical residents (ACCMA members and non-members) in Alameda and Contra Costa counties can take advantage of this ongoing program at no charge.

The ACCMA Clinician Wellness Program has also developed a list of vetted mental health clinicians who are available for one-on-one sessions with physicians. These consultations are not sponsored by the ACCMA.

If you are interested in participating in the sponsored individual and group sessions, please contact one of the following mental health clinicians directly and indicate that you would like to participate in the ACCMA Sponsored Psychotherapy sessions. You can also contact the ACCMA at wellbeing@accma.org or (510) 654-5383, ext. 6307 for more information.



Gabriela Bronson-Castain, PsyD



Gabriela Bronson-Castain, PsyD
(510) 520-5116

Being a physician means working in a unique, demanding, and ever-changing field. This therapy is designed to support physicians in managing their stress, identifying and minimizing burn-out, and getting support and feedback from peers (in group sessions), thus allowing for more meaningful connections in their lives, both in professional and personal relationships.

Cathy Jefferson, LCSW



Cathy Jefferson, LCSW
(415) 806-6336

Welcome to the opportunity to participate in individual support or a 4-6 week support group for physicians interested in having a venue to discuss topics amongst their peers inclusive but not limited to:

  • Practice management during uncertain times
  • Self care and resiliency when previous practices are no longer available
  • Managing couple relationships
  • Juggling parenting, home schooling, and more
  • Channeling worry into productivity
  • Caring for elderly parents from afar

Techniques that can be shared:

  • Cognitive behavioral solutioning
  • Mindfulness practices made doable
  • Resiliency behaviors
  • Quick tips on employing Emotional Intelligence with challenging situations