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Assemblymember Liz Ortega's Bill Would Require Insurers to Cover Over-the-Counter Naloxone - (2/22/23)

As the FDA works toward federal approval of OTC Narcan, Assemblymember Liz Ortega is working to introduce a bill that requires Medi-Cal and private insurers to cover costs of OTC naloxone. The East Bay Echo received a brief statement from Execute Director, Joe Greaves, stating that "physicians in the community broadly support efforts to expand safe access to naloxone" and "we appreciate Assemblymember Ortega’s efforts and leadership to bring attention to this important issue, and we applaud her resolve to expand access to this lifesaving medication".

Contra Costa County Supervisors Declare COVID Misinformation a Public Health Crisis - (10/13/21)

The Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a resolution declaring that misinformation about COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccines is a “public health crisis.” The ACCMA provided a letter of support and public testimony for the resolution, which was introduced by Supervisors John Goia and Karen Mitchoff. An ACCMA member, Dr. Janet Young, was also interviewed on the Spanish-language television station Telemundo 48 newscast about the Contra Costa BOS meeting

East Bay Physicians Make Urgent Plea to Get Vaccinated - (9/18/21)

Recently the ACCMA published an open letter to the community signed by over six hundred East Bay physicians encouraging COVID-19 vaccinations. The letter has been picked up by CBS, KRON4, and KTVU news so far.

Opinion: Stop threats against California’s public health officers​ - (7/09/20)

ACCMA President, Dr. Katrina Peters, and Santa Clara County Medical Association President, Dr. Seema Sidhu, co-author an op-ed in support of public health officials.

The doctor is in, but coronavirus changes the look and feel of the office visit - (6/14/20)

ACCMA Past Presidents Sharon Drager, MD, Steven Una, MD, and Executive Director, Joe Greaves, discuss the impacts COVID-19 has had on small practices.

Bay Area doctor volunteers at New York hospital overwhelmed by coronavirus - (5/31/20)

ACCMA Past President, Thomas Sugarman, MD, featured in an interview regarding his time treating COVID-19 patients at Elmwood Hospital in the Bronx.

Coronavirus: Bay Area medical practices face uncertain future as patients disappear - (4/2/20)

ACCMA Executive Director, Joe Greaves, comments on the challenges that private practices face during the COVID-19 crisis.

SF Officials are Bracing for Worst Case Coronavirus - (3/30/20)

ACCMA Medical Director, Terry Hill, MD, discusses the potential effect that COVID-19 may have on Bay Area nursing homes.

Congress Has Starved Local Public-Health Departments - (3/18/20)

ACCMA Exectuive Director, Joe Greaves, comments on local health department efforts to address the COVID-19 crisis.

ACCMA Opposes Health Care Takeaways - (8/29/19)

ACCMA President Lubna Hasanain, MD published a letter to the editor in the East Bay Times on the new "public charge" rule being implemented by the US Department of Homeland Security.

East Bay Makes Progress on Opioid Epidemic - (12/4/18)

ACCMA Immediate Past President Thomas Sugarman, MD co-authored this article, focusing on how Bay Area physicians are becoming increasingly educated and attentive to the current opioid epidemic.

Officials Say Opioid Overdose Deaths Dropped by Half in 2017 - (6/20/18)

ACCMA President Thomas Sugarman, MD is quoted in this article on how the East Bay Safe Prescribing Coalition, co-sponsored by the ACCMA, is contributing to the decrease in opioid overdose deaths in Alameda County.

ACCMA President Speaks Out About Graham-Cassidy Health Care Plan - (9/25/17)

Read article by ACCMA President Kurt Wharton, MD, on the potential impact of the Graham-Cassidy bill on California residents, published in the East Bay Times.

KPFA-FM "About Health" program on the Republicans' plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act - (3/20/17) (interview starts at 5:30 on audio clip)

Joseph Greaves, Executive Director of the ACCMA, is interviewed by a local public radio station on the Republicans' health insurance proposal and what it means for the uninsured.

Will doctors choose to prescribe lethal drugs under California's new aid-in-dying law? (5/13/16)

ACCMA President- Elect Kurt Wharton, MD, and several other ACCMA and SCCMA members are interviewed in this article on physicians' perspective on the new aid-in-dying legislation that will be enacted on June 9, 2016, the "End-of-Life Option Act."

California's Doctors Already Addressing Opioid Abuse (4/18/16)

ACCMA President Arthur Chen, MD, contributes this Guest Commentary acknowledging the seriousness with which California's physician community is taking the issue of prescription opioid abuse and efforts being done to promote safe prescribing awareness and education, including the ACCMA administered project, the East Bay Safe Prescribing Coalition.

Oakland City Council to Consider Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Distributors Tax- (4/7/16)

ACCMA Secretary-Treasurer Thomas Sugarman, MD, receives mention in this article about the proposed Oakland City tax on sugary-sweetened beverages that will be voted on by the Oakland City Council on May 3, 2016. The proposed tax is very similar to the Berkeley City "soda tax," which passed in November 2014 and was endorsed by ACCMA.

"Guest commentary: Grappling with Contra Costa's Addiction to Prescription Drugs" (3/25/16)

ACCMA administered project, the East Bay Safe Prescribing Coalition, is highlighted in this Guest Commentary for collaborative work done on safe prescribing guidelines for emergency departments and urgent care clinics in the East Bay, and for continued efforts to educate and promote safe prescribing more broadly.

Contra Costa County Urges Medical Providers to Prescribe Painkillers Responsibly - (3/14/16)

Contra Costa Health Services (CCHS) issues a health advisory urging local medical providers to observe safe prescribing guidelines and note the efforts being done by the ACCMA administered project, the East Bay Safe Prescribing Coalition.

"KG07 News Story on Prescription Drug Abuse Health Advisory" - (3/23/16)

Contra Costa Health Services issues a public health advisory over rise in painkiller abuse, and Joseph Greaves, Asst. Executive Director of the ACCMA is interviewed by a local news station on the work being done by the East Bay Safe Prescribing Coalition, a physician-led forum for community collaboration to reduce opioid misuse.

"Guest commentary: Tobacco giants' targeting of teens with e-cigs undermines progress against nicotine addiction" (12/03/15)

ACCMA President, Arthur Chen, MD, dispels claims from tobacco industry that "vaping isn't the same as tobacco" in this issue of the Contra Costa Times.

"Letters to the Editor: Dr. Frank Staggers, Jr.: California tobacco bill will save lives, dollars" (9/01/15)

ACCMA President, Frank Staggers, JR, MD, "says it like it is" in this Letter to the Editor of the San Jose Mercury News about the package of tobacco bills being brought forth by the Save Lives California Coalition.

"Letters to the Editor: Thanks, lawmakers for SB 277 support" - (7/01/15)

In this Letter to the Editor of the Piedmonter/Montclarion, ACCMA President, Frank Staggers, JR, MD, thanks and applauds local East Bay representatives in the state legislature for their support in the passage of the vaccine bill, Senate Bill 277.

"Letters to the Editor: Right to support vaccine legislation" - (2/19/15)

ACCMA President, Frank Staggers, Jr., MD, offers this Letter to the Editor of the Oakland Tribune commending the Bay Area News Group for supporting legislation to promote measles vaccinations.

"Consulting database is not right answer" - (11/26/14)

ACCMA President, Frank Staggers, Jr., MD, comments that curbing prescription drug abuse is paramount, but relying on a punitive approach that focuses on a database as an enforcement tool, rather than as a valuable tool for physicians is not the answer.

"Prop. 46 will push doctors from state" - (10/26/14)

ACCMA member and Hypertension Committee Co-Chair, Stephen Sidney, MD explains why Prop. 46 is "bad medicine" and if passed will push doctors out of California

"Guest commentary: Legislature should leave eye surgery to the best trained doctors" - (8/9/2014)

ACCMA Past-President, Patricia Austin, MD, contributes this guest commentary for the Contra Costa Times and in it explains why SB 492 is just "bad policy." The dangerous optometry scope bill (SB 492, Hernandez) was heard in the Assembly Appropriations Committee August 6, 2014.

"Measure AA doesn't raise taxes; it preserves funding" - (5/6/2014)

ACCMA Secretary Treasurer Arthur Chen, comments on the positive impact that Alameda County Measure A has had in preserving and expanding access to care since its enactment in 2004, and urging voters to vote yes on Alameda County Measure AA on the June 3 ballot, which preserves it.

"California doctors, insurers face off over reimbursement rates" - (2/24/2014)

ACCMA Past-President Mark Kogan, MD, comments in the Contra-Costa Times and San Jose Mercury News on the reimbursement rates offered through California exchange plans.

"Clients' obstacles to finding doctors" - (1/24/2014)

ACCMA Executive Director quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle over the confusion doctors are experiencing with their participation status in the California exchange plans.

"Closing hospital would be disaster" - (1/22/2014)

ACCMA President, Ronald Wyatt, MD, letter to the Contra Costa Times on impacts of Doctors Medical Center's closing.

"Doctors boycotting California's Obamacare exchange" - (12/3/2013)

ACCMA Executive Director quoted in the Washington Examiner on doctors' unclear participation in the California exchange plans.

"Mayor right about blood-donor ban" - (9/4/2013)

ACCMA President to Oakland Tribune commending Campbell Mayor Even Low's for pressuring the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to end the discriminatory ban on blood donations from gay men. Click here for original article referred to in the letter.

"Petition to change medical malpractice cap" - (8/2/2013)

ACCMA President-Elect interviewed on KTVU on the negative impact a change in MICRA can have on health care.

"CA Malpractice Laws Prove Fertile Ground for Political Fight" - (7/31/2013)

ACCMA President-Elect interviewed on NBC's Reality Check with Sam Brock on the negative impacts of Anti-MICRA initiatives.

"Team-based health care mustn't endanger patients"- (7/28/2013)

ACCMA and CMA President's letter to Oakland Tribune on scope of practice legislation threatening team-based health care systems.

"Medical-negligence awards contested" - (7/26/2013)

CMA President Paul Phinney, MD, responds to Trial Attorney Ballot Initiative Attack on MICRA.

"Wilma Chan Brokers Deal to Save San Leandro Hospital" - (5/14/2013)

Vin Sawhney, MD, representing ACCMA and community physicians, was invited to participate in a press conference on a deal to help keep San Leandro Hospital open.

"Bills about patient care are bad ideas" - (4/24/2013)

ACCMA President's letter to the Oakland Tribune, The Argus, and Daily Review in response to an April 16 editorial on the recent scope of practice legislation pending in the state legislature.

"Bay Area ready to confront end-of-life care, group says" - (4/13/2013)

ACCMA hosts an all-day conference on the subject of end-of-life care with Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and social commentator Ellen Goodman.

"Only a concerted effort will save East Bay hospitals" - (3/10/2013)

ACCMA President's letter to the Oakland Tribune and Contra Costa Times on the looming threat of East Bay hospital closures.

"Family doctor shortage only going to get worse" - (11/30/2012)

ACCMA President's letter to the Oakland Tribune complimenting a previous article on the shortage of family physicians, and the need to address the lack of funding for medical training and low Medi-Cal and Medicare reimbursement rates.

"People should learn more about COPD" - (11/16/2012)

ACCMA President's letter to the Oakland Tribune,Contra Costa Times, San Jose Mercury News, and other Bay Area News Group publications, on COPD awareness month.

"Dr. Aaron Baggs wins Operation Access award" - (10/26/2012)

ACCMA hosts annual Operation Access dinner and award ceremony, thanking the East Bay's top physician volunteers providing free surgeries to those in need.

"Contra Costa Times My Word: Health care professionals support preventive measure to minimize spread of flu" - (6/22/2012)

ACCMA President's letter to the Contra Costa Times in support of proposed legislation to minimize flu threats.

"Medi-Cal must pay doctors fairly" - (6/7/2012)

ACCMA President's letter to the Oakland Tribute, Contra Costa Times, and West County Times, San Ramon Times, Hayward Daily Review, and the Argus, on the need to reimburse physicians fairly for Medi-Cal services.