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CMA Opposition to Ballot Measure to Set Dialysis Rates

The California Medical Association (CMA) is opposing a ballot initiative to limit what insurance companies can reimburse dialysis centers to provide patient treatments. The proposition, which may be on the November ballot, sets artificially low reimbursement rates that do not cover the actual cost of providing care. The proposition's definition of �patient care services cost� excludes many necessary costs, such as for physician medical directors and nurse clinical coordinators, regulatory compliance, and others. The quality of, and access to care will be endangered as community dialysis clinics may reduce operations or even close. To join our fight to keep physician focus on patient care and reimbursement rates that cover the actual cost of care, become a member of the ACCMA/CMA: www.accma.org/join. To read more, go to www.cmanet.org/news/press-detail/?article=california-physicians-oppose-november.