The trial attorney front group, Consumer Watchdog, recently held a press conference in front of a billboard in downtown Oakland that was encouraging onlookers to report impaired physicians, and criticizing the state for not doing more. The fact is that in 2008 Consumer Watchdog flat out opposed legislation that was intended to create the same sort of drug, alcohol and mental-health treatment program that they’re now criticizing the state for lacking. Of course, all of this hypocrisy comes on top of the fact that Consumer Watchdog President Jamie Court has publicly stated that their focus on drug testing of physicians was only added to their anti-MICRA measure as a so-called “ultimate sweetener” that polled well with potential voters. Their real intent is to more than quadruple MICRA’s essential cap on non-economic damages, and divert billions of health care delivery into the pockets of the trial lawyers. The campaign to protect MICRA punched back in response to Consumer Watchdog’s media stunt, highlighting the group’s blatant hypocrisy.