Eligible physicians now have an extra month – until March 31, 2014 – to complete the attestation process for the Medicare EHR Incentive Program 2013 reporting year to receive an incentive payment for the 2013 program year and avoid the 2015 Medicare payment penalty. This extension does not impact the deadlines for the Medi-Cal EHR Incentive Program or any other CMS programs, including the Physician Quality Reporting System.

Eligibility Requirements for Physicians:

If you are part of a practice, each eligible physician may qualify for an incentive payment if each eligible physician successfully demonstrates meaningful use of certified EHR technology. Each eligible physician is only eligible for one incentive payment per year, regardless of how many practices or locations at which he or she provides services. Hospital-based physicians are not eligible for incentive payments. An eligible physician is considered hospital-based if 90% or more of his or her services are performed in a hospital inpatient (Place of Service code 21) or emergency room (Place of Service code 23) setting.

If you are an eligible physician, you may use the registration and attestation system to submit your attestation for meaningful use for the 2013 reporting year. You must attest by 11:59 pm ET on March 31, 2014 to meet the new 2013 program deadline. 

If you are an eligible physician working on your attestation for the 2013 reporting period, CMS has provided the following resources available to help you with the registration and attestation process: 

  1. Stage 1 Meaningful Use Calculator - This online tool allows providers to test whether or not they would successfully demonstrate Stage 1 meaningful use for the EHR Incentive Programs.
  2. Registration and Attestation User Guides - step-by-step guides to help you register and attest for EHR Incentive Programs. These official guides provide instructions for using the CMS Registration & Attestation system, tips and screenshots to walk you through the process, and important information that you will need in order to successfully register and attest. 
  3. EHR Incentive Program Website - The Official Web Site for the Medicare and Medicaid Electronic Health Records (EHR) Incentive Programs

For assistance with Medicare EHR Incentive Program attestation contact the ACCMA at (510) 654-5383.