From Redding to San Diego, canvassers working to support the trial lawyers’ anti-Malpractice Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA) ballot initiative have started gathering signatures at an alarming rate. As expected, the signature gatherers are framing the initiative as an effort to ensure patient safety through mandatory drug testing of physicians, largely ignoring the deceptive and greed-fueled provisions that would see MICRA gutted of its historic reforms and patient protections. Despite being collected through misdirection, every signature gathered puts the trial lawyers’ initiative one step closer toward the November 2014 ballot. Because of the tactics the trial lawyers are using, CMA anticipates that this will be a multi-million dollar battle to preserve MICRA. CMA is urging members to support this effort through donations of $50 or more to support the political advocacy education that will be necessary. Click here to donate to MICRA.