The trial lawyer-backed Consumer Watchdog group recently hosted a press conference at the Capitol in Sacramento demanding the Governor and Legislature overturn MICRA and remove any caps on malpractice awards in California.  The group also threatened to sponsor an initiative to overturn MICRA if the Governor or Legislature fail to act.  MICRA is California law that was adopted in 1975 that ensures injured patients receive fair compensation while preserving patients' access to healthcare by keeping doctors, nurses and healthcare providers in practice and hospitals and clinics open. MICRA has saved healthcare consumers billions of dollars and has kept malpractice rates for California physicians relatively stable. Weakening MICRA’s intent or protections will result in higher healthcare costs overall, no improvement in quality, and reduced access to services. Clearly, this is nothing more than a money grab by trial lawyers looking to line their pocketbooks.  CMA, ACCMA and a broad coalition of organizations committed to preserving MICRA are prepared to respond to any forthcoming attacks and will be actively engaging physicians and patients to assist in our efforts.