In September, California physicians received their individual California Healthcare Performance Initiative System (CHPI) quality measurement score, which rates physicians using claims data from Medicare, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California, and United Healthcare in 2012 to 2014. Physicians have until November 11 to review and verify the accuracy of the data used to calculate their scores through the CHPI Review and Corrections portal, accessed using the username and registration token listed at the top of their report. According to CHPI, it will treat the data as complete and accurate if no discrepancies are reported through the online portal, and CHPI will publish the physician’s data as is. CHPI has advised the California Medical Association (CMA) that in addition to publishing the ratings publicly, it will also release an aggregated data file to the participating plans later this year. CMA inquired as to how the data would be utilized by the plans, but as of the time of publication, it was not known. For more information, visit the CHPI website at or contact CMA at (916) 551-2061.