CMA has learned that the trial lawyers will be running a pro-Proposition 46 ad that features a physician who talks about how he practiced medicine high on drugs, and laments that policemen, bus drivers, and airline pilots are drug tested by physicians are not.  This is only the beginning of the ads vilifying physicians, and many more are to be expected leading up to election day.  The CMA’s media staff is already engaged with the press to provide the physicians’ perspective on this misleading ad, and it will have spokespeople lined up for press interviews. 

Members are urged to refrain from engaging in debates on the issues raised in public forums, as the trial lawyers’ advocates are highly skilled at mischaracterizing the issue and generating more press for themselves in the process. 

Should you be asked to speak to the media, please contact CMA media specialist Molly Weedn before agreeing to do so, by contacting her at  415-209-4217 (cell) or 916-551-2069 (office). 

Contact the ACCMA with any concerns at (510) 654-5383 or at