The coalition opposing Prop. 46 is continuing to grow with the addition of several important coalition partners. The Los Angeles County Democratic Party (LACDP) – the largest county-based Democratic Party in California that represents nearly one in every three registered Democrats in the state – voted overwhelmingly to oppose Prop. 46. Locally, two East Bay progressive Democratic Clubs – John George Democratic Club and East Bay Young Democrats – have also joined the coalition against Prop 46 by voting to take a No on 46 position. With the California Republican Party having already come out in opposition to Prop. 46, and the statewide Democratic Party opting to remain neutral on the matter, the addition of these and other Democratic organizations is important to ensure broad, bipartisan opposition to Prop. 46. Additionally, there have been numerous Democratic groups that have decided to remain neutral on the measure despite heavy lobbying from Prop. 46 supporters.

Other new additions to the coalition opposed to Prop. 46 include the California State Firefighters Association (CSFA), the League of California Cities, and the California Special Districts Association who have opposed Proposition 46 due to the immense cost it would have on state and local governments. According to an analysis by the state’s Legislative Analyst, Proposition 46 would increase state and local government health care costs by “upward of several hundred million dollars annually.” For a complete list of coalition members, please visit the “No On 46” campaign website.

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