Radio and television ads created and produced by the “No on 46” campaign recently began running across the state in both English and Spanish. These ads mark the beginning of what is certain to be one of the biggest and most visible campaigns in California history.

The ads, “Risk” (TV) and “Real Story” (radio), are introductory pieces highlighting who has sponsored and funded Prop. 46. The spots factually outline how health consumers, taxpayers and state and local governments will have to pay more if this initiative is not defeated on Election Day.

Another newly released ad, "Terrible Joke," focuses on the numerous problems with the state-run prescription-drug database system that physicians and pharmacists would have to consult under Prop. 46.  The "CURES mandate flaw" puts physicians in the position of either breaking their Hippocratic Oath by not giving patients needed medications, or breaking the law and giving medications anyway.

You can view the television spot and hear the radio here. Please share these videos through your social media pages, office websites and networks.