The coalition to defeat the anti-MICRA initiative - now known as the No on Prop 46 campaign - has added several important and powerful groups, including California Teachers Association, NAACP, SEIU, Building and Construction Trades Council, and California School Boards Association. These organizations join a growing list of California public and private organizations – including physicians, health providers, community clinics, civil liberties advocates, school boards, labor unions and business groups – that have expressed concerns about the ballot measure's impact on costs, patient access, underserved children and California’s overall health delivery system. According to California’s independent Legislative Analyst, the proposed measure could increase state and local government health costs by “hundreds of millions of dollars annually.”

The California Teachers Association is the nation’s largest statewide teacher organization and one of the state's most politically influential organizations. 

“At a time when California is finally getting school funding back on track and paying back students after years of drastic budget cuts, the last thing public education needs is to be forced to foot a brand new bill for unregulated health care costs,” said CTA President Dean E. Vogel.  “This is a costly and harmful initiative that our students and schools can’t afford.”

The State Building and Construction Trades Council of California (SBCTC) and the California NAACP have also lent their voices to the No on 46 campaign, broadening the group of state leaders working to beat back Proposition 46.

“This initiative will cost state and local governments hundreds of millions dollars and raise health costs for everyone,” said Robbie Hunter, SBCTC President. “That hurts job creation and will negatively impact California’s future.”

Alice Huffman, President of the California NAACP, said Prop 46 “is terribly flawed and will reduce access to quality health care for underserved communities. At a time when we’re working hard to cover as many Californians as possible under the ACA, Proposition 46 takes us in the wrong direction. Proposition 46 will disproportionately hurt minority communities. It’s bad medicine for California.”

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